Download Software Files

Download Discourse Profiler Installation Files (includes most recent documentation): Discourse Profiler Software Installation files, Prerelease version Beta 4.4 (zipped file = 8.7 Mb)

This is the prerelease version, beta 4.4, and is copyrighted with all of the normal expectations.  This software is released ’as is’, but useable with a few quirks, and a few bugs.  Use of this software is intended for linguistic research.  The beta version is free to try.  The full release may be available as ’shareware’.  This is the first beta version released as 32 bit.  Previous users need to download the full installation package here, and the program will no longer run on WIN 3.x.  Discourse Profiler will run on Windows 9x, XP, and Windows emulators on the Macintosh.  See the readme_DP.1st file for a short list of bugs and workarounds (Zipped Readme_DP.1st file = 7 Kb)

To install Discourse Profiler, unzip the file first, and then locate the ’setup’ file, doubleclick to install.

 I hope to continue to work on this project, but there are no promises or guarantees.  When possible I will incorporate suggestions, and answer questions (again no promises!).  [I will provide an email address soon on this site.]

 A tentative date for release of version 1 is expected for 2007.