Sample Screenshot

Below is an integrated screencapture of two screenshots of Discourse Profiler in the ‘map’ view that shows clauses #10-90 (identified at far left), and with participants/props 1-30 (the vertical blue lines below the numbers).  The pairs of green, red, and aqua blue ‘broken’ lines traces discourse and/or syntactic information parallel to the participant tracking (technically called ’span analyses’).  The information displayed is interactive based and can be quickly adjusted to display different information.



The figure above shows a screen view of clauses 10-90 of a short recorded text as an abstract visual model or profile.  This view is a ‘map’ of a text and allows the user to interact with the syntax and discourse in many different ways.  The main part of the ‘map’ provides a means for participant tracking.  The user assigns different symbols to a NP type, for example a circle might represent a pronoun, and a square might represent a basic NP.  Colors can be used to track grammatical relations, e.g. red might indicate a grammatical object, and green might indicate a grammatical subject, or semantic roles (or macro roles) can be contrasted likewise.  On the far left are pairs of vertical lines used for span analyses (Grimes 1975).  These allow the discourse analyst to track discourse and/or syntactic level information that parallels the participant tracking.  For example, event and non-event can be contrasted parallel to different word orders, e.g. contrasting SV/SVO with VOS/VS.