Download Documentation Files

  1. Instructions for Installation of Discourse Profiler (=MDA)
    Download: (zipped readme.1st file = 3 Kb)
  2. 28 page reference guide
    (still very basic, but helpful to get started, still uses earlier name ‘Multilinear Discourse Analysis’ = MDA)
    Download: Startup and Basic Reference Guide (zipped PDF file = 698 Kb) 
  3. Open PDF Reference Guide: Startup and Basic Reference Guide (PDF file = 829 Kb)
  4. 4 page MS Word document which introduces Discourse Profiler
    (as the earlier name “Multilinear Discourse Analysis” = MDA)
    Download: MDA Abstract (zipped MSWord file = 46 Kb)
  5. Powerpoint presentation of Discourse Profiler (presented at the 2004 CTC still using the earlier name ‘Multilinear Discourse Analysis’).  This is probably the best quick introduction to the capabilities of Discourse Profiler (although it doesn’t cover the latest capabilities developed between 2004-2006).
    Download: Power Point Presentation of MDA 2004 (zipped Powerpoint file = 215 Kb)